September 27, 2022
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The summertime season has begun. In the following month, temperatures will climb. For car owners, this means the air conditioner will be set to maximum. Honestly, there is no other way to beat the summer heat without air conditioning. You can tint your vehicle’s windows (up to 50%), but they can only do so much in the intense summer heat.

However, operating the air conditioner places stress on the battery. To inform people who are unaware, the AC fan is powered by the batteries. Consequently, battery failure during the hot months is probable. Additionally, other electrical equipment, such as your car’s infotainment system and mobile phone charger, have an effect on the battery.

However, this post is not about improving or conserving the battery. Most of you already possess this knowledge. Instead, we will discuss the best battery for any vehicle in the UAE. Why? The reason is extremely simple and uncomplicated. We cannot order you to cease using the air conditioner or your electronic devices.

Additionally, heat might affect the battery (it is natural & there is not much that you can do here). Therefore, we would like to discuss a battery that is excellent for usage in the United Arab Emirates.


PitStopArabia has reached the following conclusion after reviewing customer feedback from our own clients and completing extensive research.

There is no single superior battery!

We provide a vast selection of batteries from the world’s leading manufacturers. Positive feedback from the majority of clients is received. Even if a consumer encountered a problem, this does not indicate that the battery lacks quality. It could be a manufacturing defect instantly covered by the warranty (subject to conditions).

After six months, when we queried clients about their feedback, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Their batteries met their expectations. Nonetheless, we combed the Internet, online forums, and other places for information. Again, similar feedback was received. There were individuals who favoured Solite, while others favoured ACDelco.

Similarly, there were those with bad opinions of both brands. They favoured Amaron, Varta, and Eveready. We have created a list of the reasons why individuals choose one brand over another, based on customer and other source comments. Continue reading to find out what others think of well-known vehicle battery manufacturers.


Please note that our conclusions are based on the perspectives of UAE residents. The performance of the battery may vary in regions outside the UAE. ***


Our data indicate that the majority of individuals favour Amaron batteries due to their affordability and longevity. This was supported by a number of individuals who stated that their batteries were in perfect condition after 2.3 years of use. In addition, the majority of batteries require no maintenance and are ideal for use in the conditions of the UAE.


The ACDeclo’s superior quality is among the reasons for its popularity. The fact that this company is owned by General Motors demonstrates its superior quality and performance. Many of our customers prefer ACDelco because it requires no maintenance and is entirely sealed (no chance of leakage). Therefore, they place a great priority on the safety and overall performance.


Once again, the country of origin has a significant impact on its appeal. As a German brand, its quality, durability, and performance are assured. According to our research, users favour its durability and capacity to support many electronic devices. Additionally, individuals have commended its consistent performance over the years (including extreme summer heat).


This is yet another American company that adheres to the highest quality requirements. Its batteries are preferred for a variety of reasons, including their design, longevity, and performance. They are maintenance-free and resistant to vibrations. Despite the high heat in the UAE, individuals remark that the batteries are quite robust.

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