Manufacturers from all over the world are currently putting in research and development hours to create completely autonomous cars. Put another way, they are vying to be the first to market with truly driverless automobiles. Many nations are toying with the idea of robotaxis, or driverless taxis. Now that autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality, though, they also need tyres designed for them. After all, there won’t be someone to change the tyres in an autonomous car if one gets a flat or loses all of its air pressure. As a result, they need self-sustaining tyres. That is why they need high-tech, self-driving tyres. Leading this technology revolution is Continental. Let’s first go over the advantages of autonomous vehicles.


Accident rates will drop significantly as a direct result of driverless automobiles. Accidents are most commonly caused by human error, which is true in the UAE as much as anywhere else. Thus, automation will make workplaces safer. If there are fewer accidents, then fewer people will get hurt. Thus, this will lessen the burden on hospitals and ultimately help individuals save money. According to studies, they will also shorten commute times, ease traffic, and improve gas mileage.

Let’s circle back to Continental for a moment.


Tire monitoring technology is already available. Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are one such example of a clever piece of technology that helps drivers keep tabs on their tyres. Continental, though, takes things farther with its C.A.R.E.TM system. Tires will also be capable of self-repairing with this technology. Information critical to the operation of the tyre is transmitted via sensors embedded in the tread. Things like tyre pressure and temperature will be displayed. Potential tyre damage will also be flagged.

Obviously, there is more to consider. Tires equipped by Continental come with air pumps that can be used to add air as needed. The benefits of autonomous, smart tyres have been shown to include:

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Require Less Maintenance
  • Improve Road Safety
  • Prevent Accidents
  • Improve Tire Durability
  • Less Rolling Resistance
  • Help Fight Climate Change


Perhaps you feel like the aforementioned tyres are still a long way off in the future. However, contrary to widespread opinion, this is not the situation. Numerous tyre companies are already using robotaxis and other vehicles to test these tyres. You may rest guaranteed that autonomous tyres will be available for all-automated vehicles when that day finally arrives. Tires from companies other than Continental have similar features to those offered by Continental. Examples include the self-repairing capabilities of Michelin’s Self-seal Technology. A tire’s interior is permanently sealed with a sealant rather than sensors or other advanced technology. The Goodyear ReCharge tyre, which delivers comparable benefits, is available to consumers.

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