Womens rain jackets

At RAINS they design rain jackets for women with values of simplicity, durability and functionality in mind. That is why you will find gorgeous designs with smart features in their collections that will keep you warm as well as stylish. Whether you are looking for long and loose fits with great coverage or shorter styles with more freedom of movement you will find it at RAINS. Explore RAINS’ collection of women’s rain jackets and find the perfect fit for you. 

Waterproof rain jackets with smart features

RAINS rain jackets are made from their signature waterproof material that has a PU-coating that creates a 100% waterproof and windproof rain jacket. RAINS has incorporated smart features into their rain jackets that all help keep you dry. These are features such as adjustable or elastic cuffs, drawstring hoodies with brims, waterproof zippers and concealed snaps. 

Various styles to cater to your taste

In RAINS’ collection you will find both waterproof capes and shorter anoraks that give you great freedom of movement. You can easily match these shorter styles with a pair of RAINS rain pants to stay dry allround. If you want more coverage their Longer Jacket or Fishtail Parkas are the perfect choice for you. If you wish to have a rain jacket that accentuates your silhouette, RAINS String Parka or Curve W Jackets with drawstrings or belts at the waist is the raincoat you’re looking for. 

Find your new rain jacket today

No matter what style, amount of coverage or color raincoat you are looking for, there is certainly a RAINS rain jacket that suits your wants and needs. Find your new rain jacket in RAINS’ collection today.

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