If you are just starting your career you should start with python programming. Python
programming language is a user-friendly language. Python is easy to use, a great choice for
beginners. Due to high demand, many organizations start to teach python course in Lahore.
Python is a high-level computer programming language. It is used for building a web development
(server side), software development, mathematics, and system scripting. It supports to multiple
programming languages like structured, object-oriented programming, and functional

Features of Python

Python is easy to learn.

East to code

Free open source

Slandered library


High-level Language

Simplify Complex Software Development

Support for GUI

How does python help?

 Python helps to create web applications.
 Python helps to create software workflow.
 Python helps to connect to the database.
 Python helps to read and modifies.
 Python helps to handle big data and perform complex mathematics.

Why need to learn Python?

Python has a simple syntax similar to the English language. Developers only write some lines of
programs and then use other programming languages. Python woks on different platforms (window,
Mac, Linux). In python code can run as soon as it was written because its prototyping is very quick.
Comparison with another language:
Java – No need to compile python before running. On the other hand, java needs to be compiled
from code.
JavaScript – javascript id a client-side scripting and python is server-side scripting.

Targeted Audience:

The program is open for students and other working professionals are also, eligible, Through
Python online course Training students get a hands-on learning experience. Beginners start with
basic Python programming knowledge of writing and running code, then move on to learning

more advanced Python programming features packing, unpacking, content manager, collections
module, and generator.
Python online courses:
Python language has a high demand in IT sectors and it will give you a bright future. Here is the
list of some online institutes that provide python courses in Lahore. If you want to polish your
skills with the best teachers and experts you should go through this python online course.

PNY Training:
PNY Training is the platform to provide you with professional expertise through training. PNY Training
brings the best Full-stack Python online course. This is a seven months full stack development
training program.
PNY Trainings Highly Qualified Faculty:
PNY Training is the best IT training institute and also provides the best facilities in other
cities. All the instructors of python Full stack python development course in Arfa Karim
tower are highly educated and trained.


(Best for beginners) udmey provides a great tutorial for those who want a basic
introduction to Python best online course. It’s a free-of-cost course. The time period of the lecture
is more than 1 hour. in this course students will learn how to write scripts and function.
The course includes 15 video lectures that run for five to 10 minutes each and is
presented by Avinash Jain, a U.C. Berkeley student who founded The Codex educational

 Price: Free
 Time to complete: 1 hour and 39 minutes
 Prerequisites required: No
 Flexible schedule: Yes

Who should take this course? This course is great for beginners who want to get the basics of

Udacity (Most Interactive) this course helps to “solve practical problems” using
Python, and covers topics such as data storage, conditionals, and loops. Python has a
Standard Library where you can find third-party modules. The course is designed for
beginners who complete the course within five weeks.
Price: Free

 Time to complete: Approximately 5 weeks
 Prerequisites required: Yes
 Flexible schedule: Yes

Who should take this course? This course is for that student who has some other
programming experience for learning Python first time.

Data Camp (Most Fun)

This course focuses on data analysis and includes four sections made up of 11 videos and 57
exercises. The course takes around four hours to complete.

 Price: Free
 Time to complete: 4 hours
 Prerequisites required: No
 Flexible schedule: Yes

Who should take this course? This course is for users who want to learn Python but cannot
attend physical classes.

This course is designed to teach you the foundations in order to write simple programs in Python
using the most common structures. No previous experience in programming is needed. At the
end of this course, you’ll understand the benefits of programming in IT sectors.

Conclusion: if you are interested to learn python online course in Lahore you should spend your
time and money in the right place. PNY training, Udemy, Udacity, and Coursera are all the best online
training programs. Now, these days Python is a highly demanded programming language, that will
help you start your career.

Author: Muntaha Nisar
Munatah Nisar has one year of working experience in SQA. She graduated with a BS (IT). She loves
to write web content and blogs with incredible internet research. She can provide unique content.


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