Optima and ACDelco are two well-known vehicle battery companies that will be discussed and contrasted in this blog. Instead of comparing batteries based on brand recognition or income, we opted to evaluate their most popular battery. Therefore, we will compare Optima 34/78 RedTop with ACDelco 94RAGM in this article.


If you have been a car owner for a significant portion of your life, you are likely familiar with this brand. It has a solid reputation for producing high-quality automobile batteries. The Optima 34/78 RedTop deep cycle battery is well respected. It is twice as durable as a typical lead-acid battery. It has an extremely remarkable 5-second first burst.

In brief, your automobile will start immediately upon turning the key. The majority of ordinary batteries contain impure lead sheet. In contrast, the 34/78 RedTop features pure lead. This allows it to deliver the highest possible resistance to vibrations and exceptionally low ohms. In addition, the output surpasses that of conventional lead-acid batteries.

Even when the battery is fully turned over, there is no leakage or pouring, which is another characteristic we appreciate. What’s the reason? It is extremely clear and uncomplicated. The Optima is sealed fully. Consequently, you need not bother about its maintenance. In conclusion, we hold that:

Liked About Optima 34/78 Red Top

  • 5-second starting burst
  • Completely Sealed
  • Maintenance Free
  • Lasts twice as long

Did Not Like

  • Slow Drain is Just Awful

When a device is plugged in but not being utilised, the battery depletes far more quickly. Therefore, if you do not intend to use the vehicle for an extended period of time, disconnect the battery. If not, you will have difficulty starting the vehicle when you truly need it. This is the only defect we could uncover in the Optima 34/78 RedTop.


In addition to Optima, ACDelco is another common battery brand among vehicle owners. This company produces batteries for practically all vehicle types. In summary, it offers a variety of batteries to fulfil the needs of customers. The ACDelco 94RAGM is constructed with long-lasting alloys and calcium silver. What’s the reason?

These two materials enhance the performance and durability of the battery. To safeguard against vibrations and leaks, the battery is thoroughly examined. Additionally, it is pressure-tested for enhanced safety. It can deliver close to 80 AMP hours of energy! Certainly, this is one of its most amazing characteristics. Additionally, it has 800 cold-cranking amps, making it appropriate for usage in extreme conditions.

Here’s what we have:


  • Durable, i.e. a long lifespan
  • Completely sealed, preventing leakage.
  • 80 AMP Hours of energy
  • Workable in harsh conditions


  • Unworkable with certain cars

Several car owners have stated that the dimensions of the battery are incompatible with their vehicle, rendering it ineffective for them. Before purchase, ensure that this battery is a perfect fit for your car.

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