Imagine that you just purchased a new automobile battery. The battery dies or completely fails after a week, month, or year. You could be thinking that this is a rare occurrence, but that is not the case. Batteries fail frequently. Almost all of our readers and customers have probably heard tales of people getting lost due to battery issues. If not, you may have personally gone through it. Failure of a battery can occur for a number of reasons. Here, we’ll talk about the main causes of battery failure.


Unfortunately, people have a natural tendency to purchase items that will enable them to save money. Nothing is wrong with this strategy. After all, you get to choose how to spend the money you worked so hard to obtain. However, PitStopArabia advises always choosing quality above budget when it comes to your car. Avoid choosing inferior products, especially the batteries. Why? It is the source of all your vehicle’s power. Therefore, if the battery is poor quality, you risk damaging other parts. A poor quality battery could also fail earlier than intended.


The lack of maintenance is the second most frequent cause of battery failure. Despite the battery’s explicit need for maintenance being mentioned, many people choose to ignore it. For instance, you must make sure that the area is free of pollutants like dirt or filth. The battery suffers severe damage as a result of these. Additionally, make sure the clamps, screws, and other battery parts are in good working order. It only takes one errant screw or clamp to permanently harm the battery.


The car is constantly exposed to debris while being driven. There are occasions when the debris may get into touch with the battery and other parts, even though you might not be aware of it. As the debris might explode into the engine area from behind the tyres, it happens frequently. A minor impact can break or cause a leak in the battery. Although a battery can sometimes be repaired, there are times when it cannot.


Rough driving is almost as bad for the battery as trash. The chemicals inside the battery may leak or spill as a result of driving over potholes or unexpected movement. The car and those nearby are severely harmed by these pollutants. Make an instant call to a licenced battery workshop if you detect any leakage or smoke coming from the battery. They are skilled at handling these circumstances.


A automobile battery is designed to operate in a temperate climate. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can impair its operation. You may have observed that during the winter, many attempt to jump start their vehicles. Extreme cold diminishes cranking power, which is the cause. Extreme summer heat might also have a negative effect on the battery.


People have gotten into the habit of using the infotainment system or charging their smartphones while the car is off. This routine will dramatically deplete the battery’s capacity over time, requiring you to replace it far sooner than you had planned. The easiest approach to prevent it is to keep the number of gadgets in your car to a minimum and to avoid using them when the engine is off.


The term “cycle” refers to the process of fully charging and then totally discharging an automobile battery. Repeated cycling will eventually diminish the battery’s capacity and cause additional problems. You must cease doing this immediately if you currently do it. If not, be ready to swap out the battery. Consider a job where you frequently need the power of the battery. In that situation, we advise purchasing a high-capacity battery or one from a reputable manufacturer. PitStopArabia does not, however, ever advocate continuous riding.

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