We talked about the top 7 items that can drain your car battery in the previous article. Before reading this blog article, we advise reading it immediately if you haven’t already. This is the link. You now know why your battery discharges more quickly than usual. Most of the time, a little trip to the workshop will resolve the problem right away. But what if they inform you that your battery needs to be replaced? If so, you should look for the top locations in Dubai for replacing a car battery.


Without PitStopArabia, a list of the top locations in Dubai for auto battery replacement would be incomplete. Despite being a relatively new player in the automotive industry, it has already established a solid reputation. We provide auto batteries from top battery manufacturers. The nicest thing about us is that every one of our products is covered by a warranty from the manufacturer itself. In addition, you can have your battery examined, fixed, or changed anywhere in the UAE, including at your home or place of business. Our mobile battery service will reach you in a short amount of time, even if you are stranded with a dead battery on the highway or in the desert. Visit this page for further details.

Location: All around

In Dubai, we have a wide network of garages. 365 days a year, you can use any one of them to get our battery services.


You are already familiar with BattMobile if you have a car and have lived in Dubai for a while. When it comes to automotive batteries, it is one of the most reputable and established stores in Dubai. We are not overstating things if you look at its Google Reviews. They offer more than just automotive batteries, which is a plus. Instead, they serve as a one-stop shop for all things associated with automotive batteries. Therefore, BattMobile can identify the issue and diagnose the battery if you have any doubts about the prior mechanic. Additionally, if you have a dead battery and are stuck somewhere, you can use their mobile battery replacement and repair service, which is offered around-the-clock.

Location: Suite 4 near 318th Road in Al Qouz


ZDegree is ranked number two on the list of the top locations in Dubai for replacing a car battery. Like BattMobile, it is one of the oldest auto battery stores in Dubai. A short Google search will reveal that it has a large number of positive reviews. ZDegree is not just for automotive batteries. Instead, it provides a lot more, such as AC repair, electrical work, and mechanical maintenance, in addition to oil changes.

Place: Al Quoz 4 region


What if we told you that you could get your car battery from a shop with more than 40 years of automotive expertise? Yes, it is exactly what Max Garage provides. It has existed for an extended period of time. You can be sure that since they have so much experience, all of your needs will be met in a skilled manner. They will conduct an initial analysis of the issue when you visit them for a battery replacement. They will suggest the next course of action based on the diagnosis. After all, a battery may be restored to factory condition with a few minor adjustments and routine maintenance.

Location: Al Quoz Industrial 4, Max Garage, 29th St

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