Today, we present you the top auto battery stores in Ajman after listing the best locations for auto batteries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We received a lot of queries from readers in response to the previous two articles. Despite our best efforts, we might not be able to respond to all inquiries. Therefore, before returning to our subject, we will first address the most often asked questions about automotive batteries.


Do these locations sell batteries for hybrid or electric vehicles? was one of the queries we got. Yes, it is the answer. But in order to avoid any issues, we do advise asking them in advance. Sometimes the item is unavailable for the specific automobile model or is out of stock.

Another question concerns the optimal battery type for this or that car. Despite the fact that we have already addressed this query in-depth in prior blog entries, we shall do so again. The finest automobile battery is a matter of personal preference. Therefore, the proper course of action is to inform the battery shop of your particular needs, and they will assist you in making the greatest purchase.

Another question is why different stores charge significantly different amounts for the same battery. Well, there are a number of causes. PitStopArabia purchases items in bulk, which enables us to obtain a respectable discount. Our supply chain has been optimised to maintain low prices. In the end, we are able to provide the same battery at a significantly lower cost than other vehicle battery shops in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Now, returning to the subject of today.


You may purchase a car battery in Ajman from a number of locations. They consist of:


We are delighted to rank among the top shops in Ajman for automobile batteries, and we won’t try to disguise that fact. To get here, we’ve put in a lot of effort. Exactly why are we the best? Our customers’ satisfaction is one thing. You can read internet reviews of us or ask around; no one will have anything negative to say about us. At PSA, we consistently make sure that our clients have a positive experience.

The product selection is the second explanation. One of the few locations in Ajman and around the UAE where you can find automobile batteries from virtually all major battery brands is PSA. Our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the procedure if you’re unsure which battery to buy. The third reason to consider us is our workforce. They are not only very competent, but they also understand how to please clients. We also offer the most affordable costs.

How to Get a Car Battery from PitStopArabia?

PitStopArabia offers car battery services through our website. Enter the necessary information, and our customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible.


Don’t be misled by the name; Al Arabia provides much more than tyres. They offer all types of tyre-related repairs, oil changes, and obviously car batteries in addition to emergency roadside assistance. They should be mentioned because of their excellence. They exclusively offer top-tier goods from reputable manufacturers. As a result, Al Arabis is a fantastic choice if you need a battery from AC Delco, Addo, Bosch, or Solite.

Place: Al Jerf 2


It is an auto parts store in Ajman, as the name suggests. This store carries a wide variety of spare parts in addition to automotive batteries. Customers have a lot of good things to say about it, according to its internet reviews. The cost is a recurring element in all the remarks. The store has some of the most competitive pricing in Ajman for automobile batteries.

Amman Street and the vicinity of Nesto Market

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