Honda is unquestionably one of the most well-known automakers in the world. Honda is a well-known automaker with a reputation for excellence in design, engineering, and safety. Many of its vehicles, particularly the Accord, have gained considerable notoriety throughout the years. Most people are unaware that Honda has used the Accord moniker for a variety of vehicles over the years, including hatchbacks. The four-door sedan, however, has become the most well-known. That specific model has come to represent excellence and class. Both the 2018 North American and Canadian Car of the Year awards has been given to the Accord. In addition, this vehicle has been utilised in international motorsport competitions. Let’s now discuss the top tyres for the Honda Accord.


Primacy 4 is first on the list. It can be installed on passenger cars, CUVs, and SUVs, depending on size. The Michelin EverGrip technology in the Primacy 4 enables it to provide consistent traction all year long. According to Michelin, the grip is constant from the first to the last kilometre. Aquaplaning risks are decreased thanks to a new pattern design that prioritises safety. The new tyres’ design enables 22% greater water evacuation than earlier tyres. And finally, MaxTouch Construction guarantees improved road contact. Not only that. The MaxTouch Construction is also in charge of evenly distributing the forces involved in cornering, braking, and accelerating. Overall, it results in improved tread wear and tyre durability. Given these characteristics, the Primacy 4 is the perfect tyre for the Honda Accord.


A summer tyre called the Turanza T005 is made for high-performance automobiles like the Honda Accord. Why is the T005 a good fit for these vehicles? To begin with, this tyre has received an EU Label Grade A for wet grip. So, you won’t have to worry about losing traction or any other tire-related issues while driving in wet conditions. The NanoPro-TechTM is in charge of the incredibly low turning and braking distances on wet roads. The T005 has a rolling resistance rating of EU Label Grade B, making it the perfect tyre for Accord customers who want to reduce their fuel costs. Lastly, DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology is available in a few sizes.


This tire’s formula has a large dispersion of Micro Silica, and it is made for SUVs. It is in charge of enhancing the tire’s toughness and fuel effectiveness. In addition, the ECSTA PS71 contains four primary wide grooves that aid in the rapid dispersion of water. Dangers like aquaplaning are lessened. When compared to tyres from rival brands and earlier models, the tyre is incredibly durable. The use of a new hybrid cap ply constructed of steel belts makes this possible. They contribute to tyre strength, enabling SUV owners to travel on rough terrain without fear of tyre bursts or other damage. You can purchase the ECSTA PS71 in a variety of sizes because the tyre comes in many different sizes. When downsizing or upsizing, keep the recommended tyre size in mind.


The Riken UHP is the last item on the list. It is an extremely high-performance summer tyre intended for passenger cars, as the name suggests. The wet surface traction and rolling resistance have been significantly improved by the new silica compound. As a result, you may confidently drive on slick roads without being concerned about losing traction. The reduced early wear and tear is a result of the enhanced case design. As a result, you can use these tyres for longer. The asymmetrical tread pattern on the Riken UHP, which increases stability at high speeds, is the final feature.

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