The idea of ​​how to teach children Arabic alphabet

How to teach learn Quran online for kids and how to continue this process, which is often difficult even for adults, leaving question marks in our minds. Teaching Arabic to a child is education related to their visual development, hearing and language.

In short, every child with the ability to communicate can learn the alphabet effectively and permanently, supported by programs, various activities and other materials that are suitable for age and perception skills. So, does this method also apply to teaching children of Arabic alphabets? Of course! It is possible with the right techniques and activities. Let’s look.


How to teach children Arabic alphabet

Start by introducing the letters

Some of the most important questions and most important questions that arise in our minds as parents: how to teach children of the Arab alphabet? What is the best way to make my child excited to learn Arabic? How do I teach my child to recognize the alphabet and be really familiar with all letters?

Well, studying the Arabic alphabet for beginners begins by determining the method in accordance with the age group of children. Therefore, the most important thing is to teach this chosen method to children with pictures, games, and activities that will attract their attention and make them eager to learn. Fortunately, you can find many activities that show how to teach children Arabic alphabet in an interactive and fun way.

Here you can find some other tips that can make teaching Arabic for children -children are much easier!

Arabic alphabet activities for pleasure and permanent learning

Arabic alphabet flash card

Flash cards prepared with various pictures and colors that will attract the attention of children will arouse objects and terms that are in their daily lives, and thus the letters will be more easily placed in their minds.

But at this point, it should be noted that when doing this activity with a flash card, all alphabets should not be taught at once. Card memorization depends on periodic processing.

Cut and attach this flash card together -the same time will give children the opportunity to learn while having fun. Creating and learning activities to teach Arabic letters for Kanak -Kankak Park is one of the best methods used about how to teach children Arabic alphabets, especially for this age group.

Using the Arabic alphabet worksheet

Activities can be carried out to teach writing letters by discussing the letters given in the worksheet in the line. Tasks such as matching letters and images, and completing the emptiness can be given to children. It will be useful to adjust the time to work with worksheets in a way that is not tiring for children. It is enough to note that using the same method repeatedly for a long time can slow down the learning process and become boring for children, because it is strongly recommended to get most of the different activities on how to teach children Arabic alphabets.

Write letters using different objects

The activity of making and learning are some of the best methods that can be found about how to teach children Arabic alphabet. For example, letters can be written by students on flat surfaces using pulses or stones. Also, letters can be pulled on the ground with the help of lime or other objects.

Online words and alphabet games

Online Quran for kids sites that we often use lately can be used in a useful and developing way about how to teach children Arabic alphabets under the control of adults. Is in our hands to use digital channels for our benefits. Don’t forget, exercise means ensuring the eternity of knowledge and that is a popular choice when looking for how to teach children Arabic alphabet.

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