There are several types of ice cream sleeves available for packaging. They can be made from Aluminum foil, cardboard material, or polythene. Regardless of the material, they must fit perfectly to ensure the cones will be held safely. For optimal packaging, they should also be of the proper size to accommodate the cones’ shape. A wide variety of cone sleeves are available at To get a free quote for your next packaging project, visit our website.

Custom ice cream cone sleeves

If you’re interested in upgrading your business image, custom ice cream cone sleeves are the perfect solution. Special metallic colors are available in different shades to attract your targeted audience. These sleeves are even more appealing if you opt for an elegant and alluring design. In addition to their attractive colors, these sleeves also make a great marketing tool. Regardless of the type of cone you sell, custom ice cream cone sleeves are sure to draw attention and generate interest amongst your target audience.

With their stylish appearance, custom ice cream cone sleeves can also give your customers information about your products. In addition to displaying key ingredients and key brand values, ice cream cone sleeves can showcase your company’s logo and other important information. Customized ice cream cone sleeves are the perfect choice for businesses that wish to promote their products and promote a sustainable future. You can also add important details about your business, including your logo, by adding graphics and clipart to these sleeves. The result is a brand that will be remembered by customers for years to come.

Cardboard material

The use of cardboard for the sleeve is a great way to add a decorative touch to your frozen desserts. Cardboard is a great material to print on, offering a smooth and durable surface that resists the forces and pressure that are applied to it. Adding foiling to your ice cream sleeve can enhance the appeal of your customized food, and the sleeve will be more appealing to consumers. The versatility of cardboard makes it possible to customize the shape of your cones, making them the perfect dessert to take to your next party.


Paper ice cream sleeves can also have an engraved design on them, making them ideal for birthday parties or other special occasions. Customized packing can feature cartoon characters printed on the sleeves, making them an attractive choice for birthday parties. Customized packing also provides a range of customization options, including different shapes and sizes. City of Packaging writer Alex Bob has written several articles on ice cream packaging. Please read them and contact us for more great ideas and information.

Aluminum foil

Among the various types of cone covers available in the market, custom cone sleeves are undoubtedly the best choice. Made of paper foil with an aluminium coating, they are durable and can be custom cut to fit any theme or occasion. Also, these ice cream cone covers come in various colors and designs, so you can choose one that suits the theme of the event or celebration. These cone covers can be cut into different shapes and sizes, too.

These sleeve products are commonly used to serve ice cream in cones. The sleeve is shaped like a cone and contains three circumferential lines of perforations, and sixteen noncircumferential lines of perforations at 15deg to the radial direction. The sleeve is then filled with ice cream, and toppings can be added. The lid can be folded down on the sleeve’s opening or crimped onto the top.

Polythene linings

To make ice cream cone sleeves durable and reusable, they need to be made of quality material. High-quality cardstock is a good option. If possible, choose cardboard over other types of paper. Its high-quality cardstock makes it more attractive and durable. Polythene linings help ice cream cone sleeves resist moisture and protect the ice cream waffle cones from damage. The right materials for ice cream cone sleeves can also be custom-made.

Aside from its flexibility, polyethylene liners are also highly durable. They have a high barrier to acidic and corrosive materials. In addition, they can withstand higher concentrations of acids and water. They are ideal for non-oil products and are available in 8 different colors. While they don’t offer the best barrier to moisture vapor, they are still effective and can be used for a variety of applications.

Gloss coatings

There are two types of coatings for ice cream sleeves – Matte and Gloss. The former offers a dull, uninteresting texture, while the latter boasts of a shimmering surface. Both types are useful for children, especially those under fifteen, as the glare will catch their attention. Also, kids are sensitive to colors and packaging that have glaring qualities, so they will appreciate a gloss-coated ice cream sleeve that will not only look good, but taste great as well.

Paper ice cream cone sleeves are made from Kraft or magazine paper. These sleeve materials are durable, food-approved, and can be customized according to the product and brand identity. The ice cream cones can be branded or embossed with the company’s logo and details. For more aesthetic value, custom cone sleeves can be made with glossy or matte finishes. The choice of coatings depends on the product’s appearance, the design, and the overall style of the cone sleeve.

Cost of production

A basic ice cream cone sleeve is relatively inexpensive to produce, but the cost to print it can be high. This type of packaging is not only used for ice cream, but for other products as well, such as French fries and popcorn. Cone sleeve printing can be expensive, but the benefits of using them far outweigh the cost. Whether you decide to use a logo or a unique design, the cost of cone sleeve printing will depend on the type of products you’re selling.

Custom ice cream cone sleeves can be quite expensive, but they are great for marketing and branding. Custom ice cream cone sleeves are printed after mockups, die cutting, and printing. Custom paper cone sleeves are becoming increasingly popular with brands conscious of their target audience. These cone sleeve options are available online, making them an affordable option. Listed below are a few things to consider when choosing a cone sleeve design. Lots of people visit ice cream and coffee shops you must learn about Best Coffee Shops in Asheville Nc

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