Perfect SEO is not only about getting top results in Google but about getting quality traffic through those top results. Here, the focus is on the quality of the audience. There are two sides to SEO. One is the ability of SEO to bring quality customers to your website. Second, it is about bringing your website to the top of the search engine results.

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One is the process and the other is the result. Your focus should be on the process side and the result comes as the natural outcome. Two factors that can really contribute to get quality customers on your website are the number and quality of your social media followers. Let us learn more about this and how you can achieve this by updating and informing your social media followers about your profile changes in this article. To get Perfection in SEO, PerfectLinkBuilding.

Rebuild Social Media Followers to Suit Present Activities

If you are on social media for quite a long time, you could be having a huge following in your social media networks. As you dynamically grow your business over time, many of the business activities could have changed from how you started it years ago. There are many possibilities that you could have added or removed certain products, processes, procedures, promotions and many such things. If you had not notified or informed your huge Followers of how you have transformed over the years, they would not automatically know about them. This calls for a concerted and conscious effort to have your audience informed and updated at frequent intervals. If you have not updated them for quite a long time, it is time that you update them through a series of posts in your social media profiles. But, the ideal and better thing to do is to update your audience on a regular basis. Know More about PerfectLinkBuilding Canada here.

Update Network Building Ads & Settings

If you want to change the audience targeting and create new audiences as Followers for your Social Media to match your recent strategies and activities, you can change Ad Content and Ad Settings by filtering and modifying audience profiles, their demographics, interests and locations. You can change Campaign Objectives too if you want to promote altogether a different set of products and messages.

Update Profile to Current Scenario

To let your audience, know what you are currently into and what your present activities are, change your profile and update it with information on your current status and activities. The updated profile lets your customers click your links to find more about your updated information and, thus help fulfill your Link Building objectives. 

Update Hashtags

Update the Hashtags all across your social media profiles and let your audience to connect with you and your brand mentions through those renewed and updated list of Hashtags which generate more traffic for your web pages and thus contribute to your Link Building efforts.

Have a Relook at Group Memberships

If you have been maintaining group memberships, ensure to have a re-look at those memberships by changing your existing groups or upgrading your group memberships or exiting certain groups altogether in order to suit your present and future strategies. 

Update Social Media Brand Pages

Your Social Media Brand Pages can tell more about you than your website because Social Media Profile Pages reveal the live action of a brand to your Followers and potential customers. In your website, they will not be able to see live activity but only information about your product apart from your business profile and background. As you may be maintaining Brand Pages not only in Social Media but across multiple platforms including Ecommerce websites and Blogs, you can improve the content and designs to improve and showcase your brand image that you want to portray to the present day audience and potential customers and users.

Improve & Restyle your Posts & Content Writing

Regarding your Social Media Posts and Content Writing, you have to consider the concept and style of your content in order not to bore your Followers and users anymore. At the same time, you have to let your Followers know and see that you are active, improvising and have something new and exciting to offer to them. This results in numerous of your Followers and potential customers clicking your links and land on your website because of the relevance factors. In addition to that, relevant content and increased traffic from Social Media on to your website will dramatically improve your website’s SEO score and as a result, you will get top ranking results in Google and improvements in your Link Building process.

Update Your Marketing Automation Settings

If you have already installed or implemented marketing automation for publishing ads, dissemination and distribution of content, scheduling posts in social media, social listening, market research, content research, concept research and all such automation measures for your digital marketing process, you can update all these automation settings according to your present-day needs, strategy and outreach plans. 

Reconnect with Your Audience & Give An Update

More than posting generic content, you can post specific content with specific hashtags by tagging individuals and influencers in your Follower group and social media community. This lets a great chunk of your audience to find that you are active and contributing to the community. You can reconnect with your audience with a new set of solutions and offerings with much more quality information in order to re-engage for quality interactions. This makes your Followers to interact with you and your links there on and thus, add significant value to your Link Building process.


By Updating your Followers on Social Media, you can achieve a lot and lot of benefits. Right from getting quality visits to your website and having quality interactions with them, you can reconnect with them to activate community building, lead generation process, funnel marketing process, index more pages in search engines, promote your keywords, finetune and build new sets of audience, improve your website’s SEO scores, get top results in Google and get high conversions.

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