Are you considering a job through an employment agency? Here are ten things you need to know that they probably haven’t told you.

1. Agency Doesn’t Just Find Any Old Job for You. 

An employment agency should be committed to finding a position that best fits your skills and experience. They don’t just want to get you a job – they want to get you a job that you will love and excel in. 

2. Agency Work with Some of the Best Companies Around. 

When you work with an employment agency, you have access to companies you might not otherwise have access to. Agency has longstanding relationships with top employers in various industries, which means experts can help connect you with your dream job. 

3. Agency Doesn’t Just Send Your Resume out Willy-Nilly. 

When you work with an employment agency, your resume will only be sent to employers who agents think would be interested in your skills and experience. This saves you the time and hassle of applying to many jobs only to hear crickets back. 

4. The Application Process is Usually Quicker. 

An agency already has established relationships with employers. Thereby the application process is often quicker when going through an employment agency. This can be a huge time saver, especially if you’re employed and looking for a new opportunity on the side. 

5. You’ll likely have a Better Chance of Getting an Interview. 

Again, your resume is more likely to get noticed because of agency relationships with employers.This gives you a better chance at nabbing that all-important interview.  

6. Agents offer Guidance and Support Throughout the Entire Process. 

When working with an employment agency, you won’t be left alone to fend for yourself during the application and interview process. Experts will be there every step to offer guidance and support so that you can confidently put your best foot forward. 

7. You Don’t Have Anything to Lose – and Everything to Gain.  

There’s no downside to working with an employment agency other than potentially paying a small fee if it successfully places you in a position (and even then, often, that fee is produced by the employer). So why not take advantage of their expertise and industry connections? The potential upside is huge! 

8. You Might End up Making More Money 

  Studies have shown that people who use employment agencies typically make more money than those who don’t – sometimes as much as 20% more. That’s because agencies know what companies are willing to pay for specific skill sets and experiences and will fight for the highest salary on your behalf.   

9. You Could End up Working Closer to Home 

  If geographical location is essential to you, working with an employment agency allows you to search for positions in specific areas on your behalf.   

10. You Might Find a Brand-New Career Path.   

An experienced placement specialist can help assess your skills and interests and connect you with opportunities you might never have considered otherwise. Never underestimate the power of expanding your horizons! Give a read to Top Technology Blogs to get updates on trends.

Final Thoughts  

Are you ready to take the first step toward finding your dream job? Working with an employment agency is a great way to access top-tier employers, save time during the application process, and land a high-paying position ideally suited for your skillset.

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