Criminal Defense

The legal system hovering over Toronto’s horizon is quite opaque. Quite often than not, citizens get themselves plunged into perplexed notions. As a result, they confuse different terms, such as guilty, exoneration, and conviction. 

That’s why it is necessary to work with a criminal defense lawyer. That collaboration will clear up your mind and fast-track your criminal defense journey. 

Why Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When an individual face a criminal charge, the only reliable support is from a criminal defense lawyer. The only downside is the exorbitant fee and cost. However, nothing withstands when it’s a matter of human life. 

The following reasons may strengthen your urge to get a criminal defense lawyer whenever you need one. 

  • An experienced criminal defense attorney provides a deep insight into the judiciary system. For sure, most of you don’t know judicial jargon. Therefore, the lawyer is here to simplify the entire process. 
  • The legal field allows a lawyer to build a healthy relationship with prosecutors. This good relationship will yield positive outcomes and strengthen your case. 
  • Their experience offers them good handling of the case. They know the pain points of the adversary party and when to hit the right spot. 
  • Similarly, a criminal defense lawyer can save your career and personal life. A lawyer aims to get the best for a client by reducing the penalty and charges.

In light of the following reasons, get yourself a good criminal lawyer based in Toronto

Staging of the Defense Process

The defense process comes into action as soon as a person has been accused of something. Meanwhile, a criminal defense lawyer accompanies the victim or culprit so that any vital information doesn’t pass on to the other party. The criminal defense lawyer must also attend bail hearings and play a constructive role for the client. 

Every person living in Toronto must know the salient stages of the criminal defense process. Therefore, this post showers the limelight on primary steps that can fulfill your immediate or future needs. 

Stage 1 

Stage 1 is prominently called a “pre-arrest” stage. Here, the higher authorities build their evidence. Later, on logical grounds, they determine whether or not a specific individual has committed a crime. 

Stage 2

The police then take that person into their custody. That culprit can contact the criminal defense lawyer to arrange possible arrangements. That convicted person has the authority to say “no” to any investigating question. 

Stage 3

The client and the criminal defense lawyer attend the bail hearing. 

Stage 4

The assistant Crown Attorney set up the disclosure. The disclosure process aims to collect all the evidence that will help in the decision-making process. 

Stage 5

At first, the defense council meets with the Assistant Crown Attorney to negotiate the matter. If nothing works out, a trial date will be set to proceed with the case. 

Stage 6

Here, the presiding judge makes an effort to settle the matter between the two parties. Moreover, if the Superior court deals with the matter, the defense lawyer can request a Preliminary inquiry. This preliminary hearing allows the criminal defense lawyer to re-investigate the case.

Stage 7

The criminal defense lawyer prepares the case in light of available evidence. The lawyer utilizes the effort the defend a client. The criminal defense lawyer aims to deliver the best from the time a client calls the lawyer until the trial is over. 

Final Thoughts

Although the criminal defense process is quite complicated, a criminal defense process can make it easier for you. Instead of jeopardizing your future, it’s better to seek help from an expert. Therefore, if the higher authority in Toronto accuses you of a crime, immediately get help from a lawyer who will paint a brighter picture regarding all the possibilities. 

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